The Hair Rules brand was developed as a multi-textural brand, meant to embrace and unite all women based on their hair texture versus marketing to a particular ethnic group.  Our philosophy was that there is no texture specific to any one ethnicity, and no ethnicity specific to any one hair texture.   I came up with our tagline "Hair Care and Styling Solutions for a Multi-Textural World" to encompass this belief. Our branding reflected diversity in a fun, fresh and approachable way. 

We were successful in helping to change many of the aisles you see in mass retail today, making them reflect a more diverse place than they had been.  Our presentations laid out all of the census data showing the growing trend towards diversity and overlaid this with the decline in sales of relaxers and harsh chemical processes.  We never wanted to dictate how a women should choose to wear her hair so were careful to include products to style it any way you wanted. "Your Hair. Your Choice. Your Rules." was used to further convey that message. 

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Product education was critical to our success.  Many of our customers were transitioning to their natural texture and had never been taught how to properly care for their hair in its natural state.  We had so many questions from women looking for information to help them through the transitioning process.  We used these and many of the other hair care questions to launch our YouTube channel and blog to answer them via a video series rather than thru individual responses.  Speaking directly to our community and giving them the opportunity to learn and share was a way that we could spread our message on our limited budget.  We had tremendous engagement with our audience as a result of listening and responding to them.