One of the challenges in launching a new brand is building awareness and authority. With illuMask we had a relatively unknown technology that could be perceived as off putting and scary. Our consumer journey was one where the first touch point of awareness was generally met with fear. With knowledge came skepticism, from there curiosity, on to consideration where the big question was "does it work?". We had a strong public relations campaign that went a long way in building brand awareness.  From there our next hurdle was getting people to try it and share their experience with their friends. We knew that we had science and results on our side, it was just a matter of getting that communicated to our audience. I worked with our PR team to put together an influencer program to provide first hand testimonial from established authorities to help convey illuMask as a trusted beauty device. The program proved to be a success propelling us towards a social media phenomenon.

influencer program highlights.

ny daily news

Editors and NY Daily News couldn't help but notice the number of glowing selfies popping up repeatedly on the Today Show, the Zoe Report and other publications. We were now considered trending by the media. 



nicole richie / instagram

Nicole Richie promoted the new season of her show with a fun promo spot incorporating illuMask. This was an organic post which we were unaware of until it was published.  


yahoo beauty / celeb moms

Yahoo beauty editors took notice when Pepper Teigen posted a selfie wearing an illuMask to her followers.  Shortly after we saw her post, she was on the FabLife revealing her anti-aging secret.



La influencer event

Celebrity makeup artists, hair stylists and beauty bloggers attended our LA event, further exposing illuMask to insiders and influencers.  



Shay's makeup artist from the Pretty Little Liars show attended our event and loved the device.  We shipped her a case to the set and the girls on the show couldn't get enough of it.  Shay continues to take to her SnapChat account wearing the illuMask further driving awareness of the brand to her fans.